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Try to work few times before saying “Ups..”

Sometimes it is impossible to give 100% guaranty, that some code will execute properly even if it has realy no mistakes. For example, web service method calls may cause error due to high server load or high concurency in server requests. Programming for MS CRM web services I had faced such situations and here is my solution. I propose to repeat an action few times before throwing error. Of cource, there is no 100% guaranty anyway, but.. only God can give 100%.

public delegate void VoidDelegate();    
static class Util
        public static void AttemptAction(VoidDelegate action)
            var attempts = 5;
            while (attempts > 0)
                    if (attempts == 0)

So, we have a void delegate, which represents an action. Number of attempts in my variant is 5 but it can be implemented as a parameter. Example of usage:

    () => responce = (RetrieveMultipleResponse) crmService.Execute(request));
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  1. 07.12.2010 at 00:17

    Hello. And Bye.
    Trinity Schiffelbein

  2. 31.01.2011 at 18:23

    Haha … let me guess where u r using it 😛

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